Who We Are

When someone else’s happiness becomes our happiness.

Our Brisbane office opened in 2013, taking the first steps to establish National Property Buyers as a property firm servicing clients across the country.

Offering Buyer’s Agents services, Property Management, and Selling Property services, National Property Buyers Brisbane has quickly established a strong presence in Brisbane and across Queensland, successfully transacting property for scores of satisfied clients.

Our Brisbane based Buyer’s Agents and Property Managers have years of experience working across all areas of the Brisbane metropolitan area, and will work tirelessly to provide the best service to clients throughout the entire property cycle.

We appreciate you taking an interest in our business and how it evolved, but we won’t impose on too much of your valuable time reading about all the boring details. We’ll just tell you what is important, given that you’re already on this page and you clearly care about who you are going to be investing your time with!

Stephen McGee started his role as a buyer’s agent in 2005 in the roll out of a Brisbane office of a multi-state buyers agency and property consultancy. As the client base and office team grew, he worked his way up to manage & lead a team of multi award-winning buyers’ agents.


Fast forward to 2012 and at the “fate only falls in your lap once” time, Stephen opened the doors to National Property Buyers Brisbane, initially as a joint venture but soon after becoming sole owner.

Stephen is now considered by many as the most trusted and professional Buyers Advocate/Agent in Brisbane and he has worked tirelessly establishing National Property Buyers Brisbane as the market leader within the local property industry.

National Property Buyers Brisbane provides home buyers and investors a suite of services that include Buyers Agents/Advocacy service, Auction Bidding, Vendor Advocacy, Property Management, Renovation Coordination and Portfolio Review and Enhancement.

The team at National Property Buyers Brisbane are proud to say that our clients can always count on us for the right independent advice and ideal solutions.

That’s why we’re in it… Happiness is Our Business.

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