Portfolio Review

How to maximise your financial independence

Portfolio Review

A profitable property portfolio, like any business venture, has to be nurtured, adjusted, tweaked and maintained over the duration of the lifetime of the investment.

One of the major factors that investors often plan to do but typically forget is to continually review the performance of the properties held within their portfolio.

National Property Buyers Brisbane are Qualified Property Investment Advisors and we can act as your End to End property investment advisor and work with you to define & plan your long terms financial and life goals.

We get it that “not all property is created equal” and Property Investment is not “One size fit’s all”. With our personal and tailored portfolio review and enhancement recommendations National Property Buyers Brisbane will help you maximise the returns from your existing portfolio by assessing and providing detailed reports on each individual one.

We will work with you to understand your game plan and we will develop a property plan for your journey ahead.

This review will provide advice and recommendations on:

  • Your properties current market segment and projected suburb performance.
  • Recommendations of potential improvements or renovations to add value.
  • Assessment on current rental income and provide you with a current real time rental assessment so you can measure your potential yield.
  • Make certain that you are maximising all the legal tax benefits.
  • Make certain that your financial health is in the right place and no major surgery is needed.

National Property Buyers Brisbane will act as your independent advisor to discuss all of the above considerations and devise a plan with you moving forward to ensure that the portfolio continues to perform.

If these items are regularly maintained then you will have a fully optimised portfolio that is providing you with a solid and sustainable return on your investment.

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