Full Service Buyers Advocate

Get support from start to finish with our full services buyers advocates in Brisbane.

Full Service Buyers Advocate

Full service means full service and as your buyers agents, we will plan, manage & execute the entire purchasing process for you, which includes guiding and advising you along the way to steer your decision-making in the right direction.

Our journey together begins with and includes:

  • Detailing your needs and wants for your property and helping you “keep it real”.
  • Set up the strategic area search to identify the property that best fits your brief. This will
    include canvassing our vast network of sales agents as well as engaging in more direct farming methods to source the best pre-market and on market properties.
  • Conducting physical Inspections of all properties that pass our due diligence and prepare detailed property reports for your review including a comparative market analysis demonstrating where we believe the property sits in the market. Making the Invisible – Visible.
  • Outlining the best strategy of negotiating the property to the lowest possible price under your most beneficial terms and conditions.
  • Coordination of all related parties to the purchase to make certain the passage to the settlement is a clear one. We will also introduce our team of trusted alliances to you if needed.
  • Attendance at scheduled building & pest Inspections as well as an immediate discussion at
    the conclusion of the inspections regarding the outcomes.
  • Recommendations of any further actions required in relation to the inspection outcomes so
    that any further considerations are understood and actioned prior to the purchase
    becoming unconditional.
  • Arrange and attend the pre-settlement inspection to ensure the property is as it was at time
    of first inspection.
  • Arrange for pick up or handover of key

Our Premium Concierge Service leaves no stone unturned, no detail overlooked to deliver on the success of your property purchase.

If you are an Owner Occupier, expat home buyer or an investor this service model is designed to make certain we secure the best available property, at the lowest possible price.

Start today with a Full Service Buyers Advocate in Brisbane.


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