Project and Renovation Coordination

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Project and Renovation Coordination

Even the most experienced developers and enthusiastic renovators will tell you how they wish they had the benefit of the right advice at the start.

Growing your wealth through property can certainly be escalated when applying either property development or renovation value-add strategies to your portfolio.

But even the most experienced developers and renovators will tell you it can also be the most time-consuming, daunting and stressful process that you will ever undertake and how they wish they had the benefit of the right advice at the start.

NPB QLD and its team of trusted professionals will assist you with the delivery of the project and renovation outcomes.

We always “Start With the End in Mind” first when working on the designs, objectives & desired outcomes.

You will then have a clear objective and clear vision of what kind of renovation or project you have to undertake in order for you to reach your goals; on time, on budget and in alignment with the scope of works and forecasted end values. We will take the stress out of Renovating, subdividing or building so that you can just get on with life.

We will assist in the coordination of; obtaining quotes from qualified tradespeople/ design /architectural drawings/market assessment of intended outcome/ scope of works/tender submissions and then coordinate the project all the way to completion.

We will charge you a renovation or a staged project coordination fee and we will share in your success and be as emotionally charged and connected to the project as if it was one of our own.

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