Property Management

How your property is managed can make a significant difference

Property Management

We hear about it everyday, we see it in print all across the property investment media platforms, we receive telephone calls daily asking us to explain our differences to the new way of property management.

The Technology & App based INTELLIGENT way…Well the truth is we can’t explain our differences when compared to this kind of service as we don’t believe it actually is a service.

The Property Management (Asset) team at National Property Buyers QLD know what it takes to make sure that your investment property is performing at its optimum.

Yes – we use technology.

Yes – we use apps.

Yes – we offer intelligence.

But more importantly we also offer the Human Touch. 

The NPB Asset Management team understands exactly what you, the property owner, expect from

us: Availability, Communication, Experience and Knowledge.

If the investment property was acquired using the NPB QLD Buyers Advocacy service we will already be aware of your investment goals. If you are engaging with NPB QLD for the 1st time and aligning with NPB Asset Management team then we will take the time to fully understand your investment goals.

We also have a wealth of industry based and customized, exclusive property management resources at our fingertips and our proactive mindset and passion ensures we are at the forefront of property management technology, legislation and above all, service.

We fully stand by our Asset management service and above all believe it is the best out there, so much so that we have created our “Charter of Service”. If we fail to deliver on any standards of this charter then – hell we’re only human not machines- but we guarantee you will be happy with the resolve in this instance.


Our Charter of Service includes but is not limited to:

  • Owners paid weekly* (conditions apply) into your nominated bank account electronically.
  • Reletting free of charge in vacancy cases arising from mismanagement or poor performance from your team members.
  • Personal marketing and campaigning of your investment property for securing tenant with inspections on demand- not automated.
  • Coordination of daily maintenance of your property.
  • Arrange appropriate landlord contents insurance and building insurance.
  • Conducting 4 routine inspections each year as per RTA regulations.
  • Strict arrears policy.
  • Provide you with a detailed Market Analysis report of your property every 12 months to determine any acquired capital growth.
  • Project management assessment of any proposed refurbishments or renovations available

Do you know how easy it is to switch from your poorly performing property manager to your new NPB Brisbane asset manager?

Contact us and we can arrange the fast and painless transfer of your property to NPB QLD. You don’t even have to talk to the exiting managers.

We do it all for you.

If you would like a free, no obligation rental assessment of your Brisbane based investment property, leave us your details below. We’ll take it from here.


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