Auction Bidding

We will not help you to continually miss out on your ideal homes

Even though the QLD Auction process is now regarded as the Nation’s most transparent, it is probably still the one method of sale that works best for the Vendor. A highly skilled auction agent will harvest all the prospective property buyers into a uniquely competitive environment- a pressure cooker full of emotion manufactured to drive the price up as the fear of missing out becomes all consuming.

Bidding for and buying a property at Auction is not for the faint of heart and let’s face it, most buyers don’t know how much to bid and when it is strategically the best time to bid. The team at NPB has assisted home buyers in countless numbers of auctions over the years and would love to be on your side when your time comes. Don’t become the sellers’ new best friend Let us help you.

Our expert, strategic, auction bidding service will provide you with the confidence that when the hour in the day cometh- you were as prepared as you can be.

This journey together begins with and includes:

  • An Initial consultation to determine and identify the Whys, What Ifs and must do`s.
  • A Pre-auction readiness check, including getting us all legal.
  • Assistance with maximum budget positioning.
  • Representation on the day of the event to provide a set of calming, confident and assured nerves.
  • Post auction assistance with contract and issuing the instructions to get you home.

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