Inner Ring East

Inner Ring East

New farm, Newstead, Fortitude Valley, Albion, Tenerife.

From its original farming, commercial and industrial hubs these affluent inner-city suburbs are the archetypal examples of regentrification. Offering some of the most epic waterfront vistas, beautiful tree lined streets, iconic buildings and leafy parks these suburbs are unquestionably some of the most desirable and hard to get into suburbs within the inner ring precincts. Showcasing an eclectic mix of character timber and modern contemporary style homes blended with a mix of low and medium rise apartment buildings mostly built to owner specs, add in the plethora of local drinking and exquisite dining spots all within walking distance, and you have a recipe for success.  

New Farm: Median house value @ $ 2,507,974; Investor 57% vs Owner 43%

Newstead: Median Unit Value @ $ 950,821; Investor 59% vs Owner 41%

Fortitude Valley: Median house value @ $ 1,535,044; Investor 75% vs Owner 25%

Albion: Median house value @ $ 1,134,376; Investor 55% vs Owner 45%

Tenerife: Median house value @ $2,567,647; Investor 56% vs Owner 44%


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