Inner Ring West

Inner Ring West

Paddington, Red Hill, Bardon, Milton, Auchenflower.

These Inner ring western suburbs are full of some of the oldest streets in Brisbane and are predominantly offering traditional Queenslander homes and timber workers cottages. Wide hilly streets adorned with huge leafy trees are all part of the charm of these suburbs. Situated within close proximity to the CBD and being renowned for its food culture, fashion and art galleries these suburbs are always some of the most sought-after suburbs in Brisbane with young professionals and established families vying for all of the best positions.

Paddington: Median house value @ $ 1,773,238; Investor 45% vs Owner 55%

Red Hill: Median house value @ $ 1,403,729; Investor 46% vs Owner 54%

Bardon: Median house value @ $ 1,629,690; Investor 24% vs Owner 76%

Milton: Median house value @ $ 1,681,822; Investor 61% vs Owner 39%

Auchenflower: Median house value @ $ 1,554,099; Investor 49% vs Owner 51%


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