Middle Ring East

Middle Ring East

Clayfield, Nundah, Lutwyche, Gordon Park, Wavell heights, Hamilton, Hendra, Ascot.

These suburbs hold some of the most expensive & prestigious real estate in Brisbane. They are well established and leafy suburbs whose occupants are some of the oldest families in Brisbane. These suburbs offer a mix of interwar housing full of character, modern contemporary homes and owner occupier spec units and Townhouses. Transport and road infrastructure around these suburbs has improved dramatically since the mid 2000`s and Kingsford Smith Drive, following the river from Hamilton/Ascot, has new cycle ways and walkways making the commute along this route to the CBD easily accessible by all methods of transport.

Clayfield: Median house value @ $ 1,698,792; Investor 45% vs Owner 55%

Nundah: Median house value @ $ 1,116,938; Investor 57% vs Owner 43%

Lutwyche: Median house value @ $ 1,246,903; Investor 63% vs Owner 37%

Gordon Park: Median house value @ $ 1,296,649; Investor 42% vs Owner 58%

Wavell Heights: Median house value @ $ 1,178,650; Investor 27% vs Owner 73%

Hamilton: Median house value @ $ 2,201,497; Investor 52% vs Owner 48%

Hendra: Median house value @ $ 1,530,858; Investor 26% vs Owner 74%

Ascot: Median house value @ $ 2,309,616; Investor 42% vs Owner 58%


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