Outer Ring East

Outer Ring East

Taigum, Banyo, Virginia, Geebung, Nudgee, Brighton, Sandgate, Deagon, Shorncliffe, Wynnum, Manly, Lota.

The collection of suburbs in this outer ring offer various options for home owners. Those who are seeking a more relaxed and laid back village community feel you can`t go far wrong with the Bayside suburbs both north and south of the river. All offering a sea change lifestyle with easy access to Moreton Bay for boating, fishing and just general waterside living. They are also great suburbs for the occupants who need to commute to the CBD as they are only a few minutes’ drive to the freeways and arterial road access and are also well serviced with public transport and practically all have their own train station. These areas were once known as retirees destinations but they have now been transformed into suburbs for the young professionals and family`s who have embraced the lifestyle on offer and love its charming timber cottages and Queenslanders that have mostly now been meticulously renovated but still referencing the original era and style of their vintage. 

On the other hand the suburbs from Geebung across to Nudgee offer a more affordable option for home owners. Although often overlooked they do possess some very reputable schools and international standard colleges and are surrounded by green park reserves, golf courses and sports fields. The housing style in these suburbs are mix of post war timber and brick and tile homes on typically larger allotments.

Taigum: Median house value @ $ 756,489; Investor 36% vs Owner 64%

Banyo: Median house value @ $ 870,145; Investor 30% vs Owner 70%

Virginia: Median house value @ $ 1,000,056; Investor 23% vs Owner 77%

Geebung: Median house value @ $ 867,841; Investor 27% vs Owner 73%

Nudgee: Median house value @ $ 897,119; Investor 24% vs Owner 76%

Brighton: Median house value @ $ 835,479; Investor 24% vs Owner 76%

Sandgate: Median house value @ $ 1,004,059; Investor 34% vs Owner 66%

Deagon: Median house value @ $ 721,190; Investor 32% vs Owner 68%

Shorncliffe: Median house value @ $ 1,055,722; Investor 29% vs Owner 71%

Wynnum: Median house value @ $ 996,517; Investor 36% vs Owner 64%

Manly: Median house value @ $ 1,213,567; Investor 30% vs Owner 70%

Lota: Median house value @ $ 966,130; Investor 26% vs Owner 74%


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