Outer Ring North

Outer Ring North

Chermside West, Aspley, McDowell, Everton Park, Mitchelton , Arana hills, Ferny Hills, Ferny grove, Keperra, Albany Creek.

These outer ring suburbs are fast developing a reputation for family living at affordable prices although they are all now on the rise. With larger blocks, undulating hills for streets and the close proximity to the CBD or the country escape these suburbs are proving attractive to the young family or the CBD workers as they do tend to offer a more laid-back lifestyle. These suburbs are also close to thriving economic centres, medical facilities and the majority of them are located very close to rail stations and bus routes direct to the CBD. The housing styles in these areas range from the post war timber homes to the high set brick and tile and modern contemporary builds.

Chermside West: Median house value @ $ 893,572; Investor 20% vs Owner 80%

Aspley: Median house value @ $ 917,243; Investor 24% vs Owner 76%

McDowell: Median house value @ $ 975,099; Investor 20% vs Owner 80%

Everton Park: Median house value @ $ 896,477; Investor 37% vs Owner 63%

Mitchelton: Median house value @ $ 859,280; Investor 36% vs Owner 64%

Arana Hills: Median house value @ $ 855,153; Investor 19% vs Owner 81%

Ferny hills: Median house value @ $ 830,207; Investor 14% vs Owner 86%

Ferny grove: Median house value @ $ 880,669; Investor 23% vs Owner 77%

Keperra: Median house value @ $ 801,335; Investor 30% vs Owner 70%

Albany Creek: Median house value @ $ 920,453; Investor 15% vs Owner 85%


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