Outer Ring South

Outer Ring South

Mount Gravatt, Mt Gravatt East, Upper Mt Gravatt, Mansfield, Eight Mile Plains, Macgregor.

This cluster of established suburbs offer an attractive entry point for home buyers who desire a location close to the CBD and also offering parklands and leafy appeal. They almost all offer great access to the both the M1 and Gateway motorway`s and are very well supplied with express bus services and will also benefit from the Brisbane Metro connecting Eight Mile Plains to Roma Street. They are abundant with schools and education facilities and local shopping hubs. The housing styles in this collection of suburbs range from renovated gabled Queenslanders to modern townhouses and older style brick and tile homes.

Mount Gravatt: Median house value @ $ 975,105; Investor 42% vs Owner 58%

Mt Gravatt East: Median house value @ $ 983,234; Investor 37% vs Owner 63%

Upper Mt Gravatt: Median house value @ $ 922,024; Investor 39% vs Owner 61%

Mansfield: Median house value @ $ 971,774; Investor 26% vs Owner 74%

Eight Mile Plains: Median house value @ $ 1,036,687; Investor 34% vs Owner 66%

Macgregor: Median house value @ $ 970,779; Investor 31% vs Owner 69%


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